Matcha Green Tea Powder Preperation

Matcha green tea powder is an unusual form of tea that forms the back bone of traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Transforming this powder into a sweet drink is an ancient tradition in Japan, brought over from China in the tenth century CE by Zen Buddhist monks, the practice fell out of favor in its native China over the centuries, but remained a popular practice throughout Japan into the modern era, where it has since spread across the world in an ever more global society, even to China where it is again finding favor about the literally billions of consumers of tea in that country.

The quality of the matcha green tea powder will affect the consistency of the powder, as well as the overall flavor when it is prepared. While all matcha tea powder has a talc like consistency, the lower grades have a consistency more akin to sand that clumps naturally, as the more developed leaves in lower grade matcha are harder. However, the powder resulting from less developed leaves is softer and more supple, becoming a finer grade powder than lower quality matcha. The superior flavor of more finely powdered, higher quality matcha comes from the fact that in nature, the tea plant sends more of its nutrients to newly developing tea buds than ones that have already developed.

Transforming this powder into tea is the center of Japanese tea ceremony. To begin, the powder is pushes through a sieve, which breaks up the clumping in even low quality matcha powder. Modern sieves are made of a fine wire stainless steel mesh and a temporary container to store the declumped powder. A wooden spatula designed specifically for this purpose or a smooth, small stone then pushes the powder through the sieve, followed by shaking the device gently.

Once the powder is prepared, it is scooped into a small amount of hot water that is not boiling, traditionally with a bamboo scoop, known as a chansaku. After that, a whisk tool called a chasen is used to mix the drink to a uniform consistency. Ideally, there will be no lumps of tea left in the drink and no ground tea will be attached to the sides of the bowl like cup. Of course, this level of consistency takes practice to do right and indeed, inside of Japan, a proper tea ceremony, including preparing a perfect cup of tea, is considered a national art form that wins high regard in that country.

Most uses of matcha are in usucha, a thin tea that is prepared with a good bit of water and around half a teaspoon of powder. While slightly bitter (hence it is often served with a confection( it is a lighter taste that can be whisked into a good froth or not depending on the taster’s preferences. Thicker tea, known as koicha doubles the amount of power and halves the amount of water to create a thick tea that is associated almost exclusively with formal Japanese tea ceremonies and the finest matcha available.

A Guide To Bottle Service

A Simple Guide To Bottle Service

If you are new to NYC, or you have never taken the time to really enjoy the nightlife, you are probably relatively unfamiliar with bottle service. Instead if continuing like without learning more about this exciting concept, you should do yourself a favor and continue reading.

VIP Service

The first thing you must understand about bottle service is the fact that it is for people who would wish to be treated like VIPs. Some people have no problem heading to overcrowded bars in NYC and having cheap drinks, but others are far more interested in the good life. For the latter, bottle service is the perfect solution. Keep in mind that you will have to spend a fair amount of money to take advantage of this service, but it is usually well worth it.

The Breakdown

For those who are still a bit out of the loop, here is a simple explanation: This is a service that consists of partygoers calling ahead to establishments and agreeing to purchase a predetermined amount of drinks. In exchange, they are offered a designated table that can be enjoyed for as long as the drinks last. If you have a bundle of money and you are willing to spend it, this can translate to several hours.

The Price

The price for this service is not the same at every bar in NYC. With that said, always keep in mind that those places which have bargain basement pricing are usually the ones that will offer an experience that is just not worth it. Ideally, you should be looking to spend about $50-$100 per person. If that is a price tag that is too hefty for you, this is certainly not a service you should be trying to take advantage of.

Securing A Spot

There are a couple of ways that you can book bottle service, and each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. The three options you have would be to ask directly at the door of the venue you are at. You will get immediate service, but there is a possibility that you will have to pay handsomely for this.

You can call ahead, but many clubs in the city are not very good when it comes to returning inquiries. It is also possible to get a promoter to assist you. This is a solid option, but there may be a limit to the number of venues they are familiar with. You will have to consider all of the good and bad points before determining which options suits your needs the best.

There are countless venues in NYC that are exciting and fun each and every night of the week. If you plan on heading out with a group and you want to be treated like VIPs, you should certainly consider getting bottle service and if you’re looking for the best bottle service NYC has to offer, then look no further. Use all of the advice offered in this guide if you want to reserve a table and have a better time than you have had in a while.

Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef.

Getting Quality Dry Aged Beef

When you own a steakhouse or other restaurant, it is the preparation that truly separates the men from the boys. Anybody can purchase a quality grade of beef, but you are not truly doing it justice without preparing it the way that it should be prepared. In this regard, one of the best things that you can do in order to make sure that you are getting excellent beef is to invest in dry aged beef. There are a lot of butchers and companies that will handle this for you, or you can do it yourself, depending on your facilities.

Follow these points and use it to the best of your ability by following these points.

What is dry aged beef?

This method Involves having raw cuts of beef sit out at controlled temperatures in order to aid slowly. This happens long before they are eventually cut into separate pieces of steak. Many steakhouse restaurants adhere to this practice for a number of reasons. This allows the connective tissue to break down as it is home on a rack for many weeks. To consider some of the benefits of dry aged beef, read them below:

#1: This Meat Is More Tender Than Anything You Have Ever Tried

If you think you have had a tender steak before, you really have not experienced the best that can be offered. The absolute most tender cuts of beef happen once the beef is dry aged. The reason for this is that the meat’s connective tissue is broken down and has less of a tight grip. This means that as the end result, once you prepare the beef, you will enjoy some of the most mouthwatering pieces of steak that you could ever get on your plate.

#2: The Dry Aging Locks The Moisture In

When you take advantage of dry aged beef, you will be able to lock the moisture in impeccably. This means that you will never have to worry about dry aged steak and will virtually never have to worry about using any kind of steak sauce. Having this level of moisture will allow you to do all that you can in order to prepare the state any way that you would like and you will be glad that you took the time and energy to prepare it in this manner for your customers.

#3: Find The Right Butcher Or Company To Help You Out

Any time that you want to make sure that you are able to get all that you can out of your dry aged beef, you will need to get the help of the right butcher. There are a number of companies that you can reach out to in this regard, but it will take you leaning on the service of professionals who can give you the work that you need. Be sure that you reach out to butchers who are trustworthy in order to get the best results for your meat.

iPhone Screen Repairs

iPhone Screen Repairs: How To Find A Trustworthy Technician

Accidents happen! Unfortunately, many times accidents happen to your phone and that can crack or shatter your screen. Having a screen that is cracked or even shattered is no laughing matter. It can make using your phone hard or even impossible. While many people do use their phone with a cracked screen, it is not safe and it can lead to even bigger problems with your iPhone. Continue reading to learn how you can find a trustworthy technician and how to get your phone screen repaired.

Oh no! Your screen is damaged. Yes, it happens, but luckily, there are many people who offer iPhone screen repairs. Finding someone you can trust to fix your screen is quite important. Your phone is a delicate piece of technology and trying to replace your screen yourself or having someone who isn’t trained make the repair is not a good idea.

One of the first things that you can do is ask your friends and family members if they know of anyone who does iPhone screen repairs. Many times you will know someone in your life that has had their phone repaired by a reputable technician. If you don’t anyone who can help, try posting on a social media site you use and ask for assistance.

Once you find someone who can fix your phone, you can do more research on them. Type in the person’s name or company in your favorite search engine. You should get results that will help you learn more about the repairmen that were recommended to you. This can give you more information and help you decide if you want to take your phone to the company or person that can fix the screen on your phone.

When you are ready to get your phone’s screen repaired, contact the company that you are considering. Find out more about their repair service. Some companies will come to your residence or work. The service typically takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. If you need to bring your phone in, find out the company’s hours. It typically takes one day to replace the phone screen depending on the workload, it may take two to three days.

When your phone is repaired, find out if the company offers any type of warranty on their work. Many times you will find they offer generous warranties on their work. This can be quite helpful in case another accident occurs or the screen doesn’t work like it should.

As you can see, you should check into the company that you bring your phone to. iPhones are quite delicate little devices and the person you choose to replace your screen should be qualified to do so. By using the information shared in this article, you can be assured that you will get the service you desire and your new screen will be put on properly. After all, living without your phone is no fun and having a cracked screen is just annoying.

The Advantages Of Owning Birkenstocks Shoes

All You Need To Know About The Advantages Of Owning Birkenstocks Shoes

One of the most effective and convenient types of shoes when you are heading down to the beach or merely mulling about the house is that of Birkenstocks. What is a Birkenstock shoe I hear you ask? A Birkenstock shoe is a rather comfortable type of clog-style footwear available for people of all ages, sizes and genders. They are known for their molded soles and alternate designs allowing someone to purchase either a plain style with a neutral color OR a hip, funky style with wild colored motifs. Enough of these benefits though, there are various others that will turn your head towards the Birkenstock shoe urging you to purchase them. This article will explore and explain these benefits.

1. Company Reliability

Many people purchase clothing and fashion items for the brand name exclusively with some of these items being completely ineffective and painful; however, this is not the case with Birkenstocks. The Birkenstock brand has been in operation for centuries and has maintained a positive reputation since the beginning when a small shoemaker made the first clog in his German village. Of course, the styles have changed since the 1700s; however, the reliability and efficiency of the company and shoe has not.

2. Simplicity

Contrary to many newer shoes with leather straps and high heels, the Birkenstock clog is less cluttered with straight lines. This clog is easy to wear and, due to its simplicity, can be matched with all items of clothing; furthermore, the comfortable suede material allows for a molding to the foot so it not only matches clothing but accommodates any foot. This may sound rather strange, but you should consider the different sizes of the wearer’s feet or potential foot injuries where the individual may require more shoe space.

3. Comfort

As can be assumed from the information above, the suede material allows for a great deal of comfort; however, this is not the only feature of the shoe that provides that ‘smoother, soother feeling’. Some shoes may present with leather foot soles that do not mold to the feet, but the Birkenstocks clogs present with softer foot beds contoured to an individual’s instep. Another contributory factor to comfortable foot beds is the fact that they are made of cork and rubber, which can also increase durability and stability – ideal if you plan to stand on your feet all day.

4. Long-lasting Comfort

While the primary feature of any Birkenstock sole is the comfort factor, it should be mentioned that the comfort does not disappear over time. Some shoes have shown some comforting features in the beginning, but after a great amount of wear they begin to wear themselves showing deterioration and increasing the chance of breaking. This type of Birkenstock clog is completely alternate and actually presents with higher levels of durability and comfort as time passes. This makes a Birkenstock a great investment that will keep your feet happy for many, many years to come.

Portable Shower Caddy

A Portable Shower Caddy Is Handy And Convenient

You lead a very busy life, and no doubt you are often looking for ideas that will help you save time and improve convenience. Simple things that can improve efficiency in your daily tasks can make a big difference. For example, how many times have you stepped into the shower, only realizing after the fact that you had left something in the bedroom or another bathroom that you needed in your shower? If you use the best shower caddy, you would not have this problem.

This caddy helps you keep all the things that you need in the shower in one place. Because of its portability, you can take your shower in any bathroom and feel assured that you have everything that you need on hand.

Perhaps you are a college student who has to share a bathroom with many other housemates. It is impractical to leave your personal items in the shared bathroom because things can get lost or mixed up with the belongings of the other people. Storing your personal items in a portable caddy keeps your things separated from others and keeps them hygienic just for you. Just take it with you to the bathroom, then take the caddy out with you when you are done.

This is also great for people who go camping a lot. Using a caddy is a better option than toting your toiletry items in a bag. The caddy is waterproof. If water does gets in, it allows water to drain through. The open design lets the wet items in the caddy air dry quickly.

If you have many children at home who use different kinds of shampoos and soaps because of skin sensitivities, you can get a colorful caddy for each child that holds their own items. Store these caddies on a shelf away from the immediate shower area in the bathroom so that the shower area will not be cluttered with multiple bottles of shampoos and body wash. As one child prepares for his shower or bath, just take his caddy from the shelf. There will be no risk of him using a item that is not meant for him.

When choosing your portable shower caddy, think about the number of items and the sizes of the items that you want to put in there. You want the size of the pockets or compartments to fit the things that you plan to tote. Get a caddy that is big enough to give the items space from each other to allow them to air dry efficiently after use.

You can find a wide range of caddy designs that will suit your style and needs. Some are made from a quick-dry durable mesh material that look like a tote bag with many pockets. Others are made from a colorful hard plastic with compartments that you can tote anywhere. There are many options that will appeal to any lifestyle. Browse through online catalogs, and you are sure to find the perfect caddy for your daily shower needs.

An Over Door Shower Tidy

An Over Door Shower Tidy

Imagine the following experience. You are in the middle of taking a relaxing shower after a hard day working in your backyard vegetable garden. You are sweaty and dirty and the only thing that is on your mind is to get clean and to cool off. You have just finished washing your hair with your favorite shampoo and as you reach down for your hair conditioner it tips off the edge of your bathtub and starts to pour down the drain.

You end up losing almost ½ of your bottle of expensive hair conditioner before you are able to reach down and grab it. Unfortunately, this has happened before with both your conditioner and your shampoo. However, this would never happen if you had purchased an over the door shower caddy from your local retail outlet.

Many times before you have considered purchasing one of these handy storage items. You know that they will add additional storage space and organization to your daily shower. They will also prevent you from losing expensive shampoo and hair conditioners down the drain. What really irks you however is that you had it on your shopping list the last time you went shopping. Sadly to say, on that day you were in a rush and did not take the extra time to purchase this convenient item.

Most people have some sort of a shower caddy in their bathroom. Consumers understand the convenience that one of these items provides. With a shower caddy you can keep all of your bath essentials in a tidy and convenient location that is easy to access when required. They will make your shower experience so much more enjoyable.

What is interesting about a shower caddy is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. People who purchase shower caddies can choose the shape and size that best accommodates their particular bath products. For example, a household that has a couple of teenage girls may want to purchase the largest shower caddy available to store all of those extra shampoos, conditioners, revitalizes, body washes, soaps, and other bathroom essentials.

A single man on the other hand may only require a small shower caddy that holds a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and bar of soap. Some of the shower caddies even have adjustable shelves which will make it easier to accommodate taller bottles. Many of the shower caddies also have a bottom bar which holds a washcloth.

Always choose a shower caddy that is made with a rust resistant coating. You may end up spending a few more dollars for this feature but in the long run it will be worth it. An over door shower tidy will fit over any standard shower door. An over door shower tidy will fit firmly in place by means of suction cups. You can use the additional hooks that come with this unit to hang your bathrobe or towel on the other side of the shower door.

Therefore, save yourself some time and money by purchasing a shower caddy. When you do you will never lose your expensive shampoo or conditioner down the bathtub drain again.